Am I really this old?

Do you ever have those moments where you truly realize that you’re getting older?  Those times where you’re left to just say, “damn…time is flying by!“.  Tonight as I watched the MLB Home Run Derby and saw that Prince Fielder won this year’s competition, I had such a moment.

In my boys’ room there sits a baseball on their book shelf.  It’s not just an ordinary ball from a sporting goods store.  No, this is a home run ball I caught with my bare hands while sitting in left field at the old Kingdome in Seattle.  The home run was hit by none other, than Cecil Fielder.  Recognize the last name?  Yeah…that’s because he’s the old man of Prince Fielder.  The same Prince who dazzled millions tonight on ESPN with his baseball hitting prowess!

Prince Fielder

I sat on the edge of the couch…looked at my wife…and said, “I have his dad’s ball upstairs, which means I’m getting old”. 

Love and Peace.


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