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Am I really this old?

Do you ever have those moments where you truly realize that you’re getting older?  Those times where you’re left to just say, “damn…time is flying by!“.  Tonight as I watched the MLB Home Run Derby and saw that Prince Fielder won this year’s competition, I had such a moment.

In my boys’ room there sits a baseball on their book shelf.  It’s not just an ordinary ball from a sporting goods store.  No, this is a home run ball I caught with my bare hands while sitting in left field at the old Kingdome in Seattle.  The home run was hit by none other, than Cecil Fielder.  Recognize the last name?  Yeah…that’s because he’s the old man of Prince Fielder.  The same Prince who dazzled millions tonight on ESPN with his baseball hitting prowess!

Prince Fielder

I sat on the edge of the couch…looked at my wife…and said, “I have his dad’s ball upstairs, which means I’m getting old”. 

Love and Peace.


Opening Day…

I’m all for watching the Super Bowl with friends.  I love watching the first day of March Madness in the hopes of seeing an upset.  I crave Nascar…Oh, wait…I hate Nascar!  Anyway, today is the day that I look forward to all year.  Baseball’s Opening Day take place today and I couldn’t be more excited!

The only unfortunate thing is that my Seattle Mariners begin the season on the road so I’ll have to wait until the 14th to catch their home-opener.  Plus, both the Yankees and Mets have brand new state of the art stadiums (I happen to think the new Citi Field is amazing) and neither of them will open the season at home.  Oh well, there’s still the RedSox at 11am and the Reds at noon (ESPN, ESPN2).

The sun is out here in Seattle.  It’s warm.  The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air.  My boys were hitting off the tee this past weekend.  It must mean that Major League Baseball is here!

Love and Peace.

Who was your favorite athelete?

Yesterday was a big day for true baseball fans.  Most people probably didn’t even notice what happened, but it was a great day to reflect and dialogue about some of the greatest baseball players to ever wear an MLB uniform.  It was the day when some great players were inducted into to baseball Hall of Fame.

One player in particular made me think back to some very fond memories of being a kid and falling in love with the greatest game in the world! 

Rickey Henderson entered the Hall of Fame.  He’s the greatest lead-off hitter and base stealer the game has ever seen! 

I was about 10 years old and Rickey was close to entering the prime of his career when my dad took me to a Mariners game in the old Kingdome.  We sat right on the first base line in perfect view of all that happens between a pitcher, first baseman and a base-runner.  I remember my dad purposely selecting those seats because he told me that I needed to closely watch this amazing baseball talent.

Well, my dad was right.  Rickey was amazing!  He brought life and energy to the diamond like few players could do.  When Rickey was on base…it altered the entire game!  He stole four bases that night…

Rickey Henderson wasn’t my all-time favorite player as a kid, but he certainly inspired me to play the game with passion.  It’s really hard to say who in fact is my “childhood”  favorite player.  Dale Murphy, Pete Rose, George Brett, Kirby Puckett, Fernando Valenzuela, and Don Mattingly were all such great players who each had a style and approach to baseball that helped shape my love for the game. 

When I think of the NBA…it’s Charles Barkley.  The NFL…that’s easy, Steve Largent.  But baseball?  I guess I love the game too much to be able to say which player from my childhood was my absolute favorite. 

As the Super Bowl nears, there are a lot of people who will grieve the absence of football.  Not me.  I like football very much, but I won’t miss it…because its absence means the presence of Spring Training is days away! 

I’m curious…as you look back on your childhood, who were some of the athletes you most loved watching, following, and emulating?  What was it about him or her that made inspired you?

Love and Peace.

A Bad Choice

Life as we know, is largely made up of our choices.  We all make good choices and bad choices…the question is, how do we we react to each of them?  Well, this summer I made a bad choice.  I’ve been kicking myself all day for it…

I had the opportunity to go to New York in June for 3 days and visit Yankee Stadium in its last season.  I chose not to go as I was being cautious about spending the money.  As a devoted baseball fan, I’m know left to ask…What was I thinking?

Last night was the last game played in the legendary Yankee Stadium (1923-2008), and from what I saw on ESPN, it looked like quite an event.  So many great players…so many World Series…so many memories for the people of the Bronx.  While I despise the Yankees and just about everything they stand for…I missed out on a great opportunity to see one of the oldest and by far, most famous baseball stadium.

While I’ve had some great baseball moments in my life like seeing the last game Seattle Mariners game in the old Kingdome…the first division-clinching game in 1995, and Gaylord Perry’s 300th win in 1982.  To visit Yankee Stadium in person, would have been the highlight of my baseball life. 

I wonder if there’s a place that you wished you had visited before it closed or was torn down?  Maybe it’s a sports stadium, or a famous theater…a museum or cathedral…

What place do you regret not taking the time to visit?

Love and Peace.

Baby Catch…

You be the judge…is this guy a crazy dad, or did he just make an incredible catch?  I say you may not see a catch this good for many years! 

Baseball for Geeks…

I didn’t say baseball IS for geeks…but there is such a thing as a baseball geek.  If you happen to be one like me, than you will thoroughly enjoy this baseball resource.  U.S.S Mariner is a site devoted to the Seattle Mariners.  Here you will find anything and everything you could want or imagine related to baseball.  I happend to be one of those guys who enjoys the stats of the game…OPS, OBP, leverages, slugging and fielding percentages.  This site is so rediculus with stats, comments, and theories I can only log on about once a week, otherwise I get so hooked and wind up wasting too much time.

If you’re a fan of the M’s than you’ll enjoy some of the posts.  If you are wanting to learn more about the ins and outs of the game, this is a great resource.  If you just don’t get the whole baseball geek thing, stay away from USS Mariner…

Baseball on a Sunny Morning…

Today as I sit near the sunny shores of Lake Washington I have an excitement…a passion…a roar stirring within me.  Today is not just Friday.  It’s the first day of Spring Training games for the Seattle Mariners! Baseball is something I’m very passionate about.  I played for most of my life…I attend more games than I care to admit and I’m simply happy that the season in beginning and Spring/Summer is right around the corner.

In a couple weeks I plan to blog about my MLB predictions ( and from time to time will share Geoff Baker’s blog from the Seattle Times.  He has the coolest job in the world!  Anyways…here is today’s starting lineup as the M’s face off against the new SF Giants (new meaning the now Bond’s-less Giants).  We finally get to see our new ace, Eric Bedard who many here in Seattle believe we traded away too much to get.  Only time will tell…

 So here’s to baseball in the desert…the sun in the Northwest…families at the ballpark…and believing the M’s can win the World Series!

Peace and Love.