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my new fascination…chalk animation.

I came across this amazing song and chaulk animation video on Peter Rollins’ site today.  Peter is one of my favorite writers, thinkers and theologians.  Make sure to watch this beautiful video, and if you’re like me and didn’t know chalk animation existed, well then welcome to a whole new world!


Love and Peace.


If it smells like Andy Kaufman…it probably is Andy Kaufman

Did you happen to see Joaquin Phoenix on the Letterman show last week?  Better yet, did you catch Ben Stiller mocking Phoenix at the Oscars?  Too funny!

I’m a HUGE fan of Joaquin Phoenix and most of his movies.  Frankly, I’ve always wished he would stay away from the mainstream of Hollywood and focus his career on working within the independent film industry.  But now, I’m left hoping he simply stays in any industry of acting. 

If you haven’t heard, Phoenix is stating that he’s done with acting and wants to begin a career as a rap artist.  That’s right…rapping. 

I say it’s all a hoax.  Much like Andy Kaufman used to try and pull back in the 70’s with his bizarre antics and publicity generating stories.

Here’s the video of what happened on the Late Show last week.  I guess we’ll wait and see what happens to one of today’s purest actors…

Love and Peace

Movies that Stick…

Today, I just couldn’t blog about Kenya or any of the other things happening in the world that pain me and keep me wondering about how Christ-followers fit in it all.  Instead, I thought I’d talk movies…

What film captured your attention so much that it catapulted you into a true movie fan?  For me, it was Quentin Terrentino’s “Pulp Fiction”.  This was the film that made me believe in movies.  Before that, I did go to movies but it was to see basically whatever was playing.  You know…”Harry and the Henderson’s”…”Weekend at Bernie’s”….those sorts of movies.  Nothing wrong with them other than they have no creativity, no art, no message…they are just entertainment.

Now that the Oscar nominations are out and the SAG awards have been given this is the time of year where I always take time to think about which movie was not just the best, but which one stuck with me the most.  Which one made me think the most?  Which displayed the most beautiful screenplay and cinematography?

So for me, it comes down to two movies that answered all these questions.  No Country for Old Men and There Will be Blood are two of the most powerful, thought-provoking, important films I’ve seen since Babel.  After seeing each of them a couple times each, I’d have to say that “There Will be Blood”is the movie that sticks with me the most.  The story of greed in both the world of business and religion are haunting and powerful.  Daniel Day Lewis is an acting genius and should easily win the Oscar for best actor.  While the Coen brothers are by far my favorite film-makers and “No Country…” is maybe a better made film it didn’t stay with me the way the other did.  Both are still the must see films of 2007…

Peace and Love.

Book to Film Adaptations

I last posted about the movie “No Country for Old Men” which I just saw for the second time…I continue to be fascinated with the script and the thoughts on “purity” as I see strongly displayed in the current of the movie.  It haeppens to be based on a novel, which I have not read.  My friend and I were discussing another upcoming movie called “Kite Runner” which premiers Friday.  This too has been based on a novel, which from what I’m hearing is one of the best book-to-film adaptations yet. 

This has got me thinking about what have been some of the best book to film adaptations. 

Into the Wild?  Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?  Dune?  Man, there are so many… 

Which ones would have your vote? 

No Country for Old Men

no-country-for-old-men-0.jpgLast week I went to see the Coen brothers’ new film called “No Country for Old Men”…what a film.  Brilliant acting…thought provoking dialoge and striking imagry.  If you’ve see it, what were some of your thoughts about the message of the film?  How did it compare to other Coen bros. films?  Could you in any way relate to Tommy Lee Jones’ character and his struggle with society? 

On another note…what movie are you currently recommending people see the most right now?