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much needed renewal from a family trip

So it’s been a while since my last post.  The summer brings with it a schedule that I sometimes have difficulty keeping up with and things like the blog get put on hold.  That, and I’ve honestly not had much to say lately.  It’s been a few weeks of hard work, planning for the fall season of ministry, struggling to find financial solutions within the church budget, and there always seems to be the theological wrestling that can at times consume my mind.

Yesterday, I returned home from a five day family trip to the Oregon coast. We rented a small beach house in Seaside and did nothing but play on the beach, walk the promenade, ride bikes, and just play as a family.  We even spent some memorable time with good friends who were staying in a beach house just 10 miles away.  Best family trip yet!

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After being home for a day I’ve had time to think about how this trip brought some much needed renewal.  By renewal, I more or less mean, re-learning.  I thought I would share some of my renewal and ask you to pray for me as I really dod desire that these thoughts evolve into action and habit. 

1. Playing hard as a family accumilates memories that are far more valuable than my hard-work earnings.

2. There’s a balance in “reflection” and “action”.  I need slow down more for reflection.

3. I’m too damn scared to fail and so my dreams will remain small.  Not enough faith in the Holy Spirit.

4. I disrespect my family by not turning off the phone and computer more often.  Need to set more boundaries.

It’s only four thoughts, but this presents me plenty of work, practice, and prayer.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to travel with my wife and kids and will cherish the memories we made.  If you haven’t vacationed in a while, maybe its time to re-think your schedule and priorities a bit.  It’s well worth the financial investment!

Do any of my shared thoughts resonate with you?  Feel free to share…

Love and Peace.